Terms of using the service

Thank you for trusting and choosing to use the services at ONBRAND. When using the services provided by ONBRAND, customers need to comply with a number of company regulations. We make the following provisions to affirm the role and responsibility of each customer in ensuring the best quality of service.

Note: In the process of project implementation, customers need at least one individual (directly or indirectly authorized) to be responsible for monitoring, providing information, and accepting projects; and this individual must be aware of these regulations. We work with businesses to come up with Amazon business strategies, so the business needs a dedicated team to support us as needed.


Regulations of using the service to customers

  • Customers need to provide all the information and data required by ONBRAND to register Amazon accounts, optimize the sales page and understand the product (additional documents serving other auxiliary services).
  • Customers should corporate and conduct discussions with us to make sure the project implementation process is on demand and on schedule.
  • Make sure to pay the contract fees on time.
  • Implement fully and accurately the content agreed by the two parties.In any circumstances, the customers will be responsible for violating the contract. On the contrary, if we breach the contract, we also take full responsibility.
  • Do not enter into cooperation agreements with other similar service providers until the end of the contract term with our company.
  • Closely coordinate in promoting sales page construction, optimizing size, weight, image, branding, shipping, etc. to ensure we can handle issues for customers as quickly as possible. (respond no more than 1 day upon receipt of the request).
  • Customers are not allowed to arbitrarily change the account content, sales page, running ads or other operations affecting the strategy without the discussion and agreement of both parties during the contract period. If the customer violates this, we will not be responsible for the terms of the contract. If the clients changes the content themselves which affects our process, he or she is responsible for the cost of troubleshooting.
  • During the contract period, we will not be responsible for any objective error which is not caused by us (with specific explanation). On the contrary, if the errors are on the side of ONBRAND, we will be responsible as signed in the contract. As for objective reasons, both will negotiate and come up with the most suitable solution to solve the problem.
  • Customers do not violate important terms of Amazon 
  • Customers need to comply with the terms of the contract signed


ONBRAND’s responsibilities and commitments

  • During the implementation of the project, we are responsible for conducting all procedures on Amazon which are not illegal and contrary to Amazon regulations.
  • We commit that our implementation does not affect the quality of customers’ sales page or brand.
  • ONBRAND is responsible for assisting customers in solving problems on Onbrand’s responsibility. For objective issues, depending on each case, the two parties will conduct negotiations
  • We commit to keep all customers’ information confidential
  • Ensure to achieve the expected goals if there is a close follow-up of the businesses (excluding the objective issues). If the plan is postponed due to some obstacles, instead of receiving payment for those months, we will continue carrying the process until it returns to normal and achieve the set goal.
  • ONBRAND ensures a system of support, answers, consultation and customer care for free in many different forms: Email, phone, direct answers, via the internet.


Customers need to take into account the above terms and conditions to ensure your rights and understand the responsibilities, in order to help the implementation process take place easily and achieve the desired purpose.



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