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What will Onbrand provide for your business?

What will Onbrand provide for your business?

Special features of service pack



Step 1: Conduct Market Research

Onbrand will conduct market research on the product of customers on Amazon which includes market analysis, customer behavior, and rival strategy. Then we set out the best sales strategy and the direction to perfect the product for the business to help optimize the conversion rate, in accordance with the goals set out

Step 2: Create an account and optimize the sales page

Onbrand supports your company to create professional sales accounts on Amazon, avoiding the maximum errors when registering. After creating the sales page, we will immediately proceed to optimize the page (including: image, title, outstanding features of the product, product description and brand, etc. all of these elements affect search rankings and customer purchasing decisions)

Step 3: Sell the products

Onbrand's professional sales team will implement Amazon PPC advertising for your business, support sales businesses, optimize revenue by analyzing the effectiveness of the advertising, the cost attached to the monthly reports. Thereby helping you achieve high efficiency and cost savings.

Step 4: Manage the sales page and Conduct customer care

We will represent your company taking care of your sales and customer care accounts, including: brand reputation management, inventory management, customer care, customer relationship management and report the business situation to you in order to improve the business results.

Customers Target

Who should choose this service package?

This is a package of Market penetration and development, so it is really suitable for businesses with long-term Amazon sales aspirations who consider Amazon as a main sales channel and want to push the sales plan effectively

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