What services will Onbrand provide for your business?

The work process at Onbrand

Step 1: Market Research

Upon receiving the product, Onbrand will perform market research of products on Amazon, including market analysis, customers’ behaviors. From there we can provide steps on how to complete your product along with the best selling strategies to optimize conversion rate according to the vision and goals set by your business

Step 2: Create an account and selling page optimization

Onbrand supports companies in creating a professional selling account on Amazon, avoiding mistakes upon registration Right after creating your selling page, we will optimize your page (including images, titles, key characteristics of your product, product description and brand,... all these factors affect your ranking and buying decisions of customers)

Step 3: Proceed to product selling

Our professional selling staff at Onbrand will help carry out Amazon PPC advertising campaign for your business, supporting businesses in your product sales, optimizing revenue through advertisement’s effectiveness analysis, along with monthly fees. Through that your company can be effective and cost-saving.

Step 4: Selling Page management and Customer care

We will take care of your company’s selling page and customers on your behalf, including: brand reputation management, inventory management, taking care of customers, customers’ relationships management and business report sent to corporations, increasing business results

Customers Target

Who should choose this service package?

This is the package for market penetration so it is only suitable for businesses with the intention of selling on Amazon and in the period of market research.

  1. Your business is a manufacturer and have appropriate exclusive products to sell on Amazon
  2. Your business is ready with your funding but wants to research new markets
  3. Your Business does not have many resources on Ecommerce
  4. Your business wants a credible service to optimize your time and cost
  5. Your business’ product is relatively need and needs time for market testing
  6. Your business has prepared a ready to engage mentatility
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